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New Zealand Relatives

All of my ancestors from New Zealand were descended from migrants from England, Ireland and Germany.

Carl August Sievers migrated from London in 1849 on the Mariner, with his new English wife Charlotte Walker. They made the trip with Carl's brother Wilhelm Anton, who also travelled with his new wife Clara or Clarissa Davis. They are listed as "Seafors". Coincidentally Thomas Dalton McManaway, the brother of my gt gt grandfather Jack McManaway emigrated on the same boat with his family. Jack emigrated to New Zealand in 1858 on the Oliver Long with his wife Bridget Kenny and their first three children.

Carl Sievers descendants

Wilhelm Anton Sievers descendants

Mary Anne Sievers (my great grandmother who was born in NZ, showing her German and English ancestry)

McManaway descendants (chart also on the Irish pedigrees page)


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