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People in History

This page is devoted to pedigrees and charts for notable people or families from various periods of history.

de Medici pedigree, showing ancestors of Anna Maria Ludovica de Medici (1667-1743). This chart displays the close relationships between the de Medici family and many notable families in Europe, such as the French Bourbon royal family, the Dukes of Lorraine, the Austrian nobility and others.

Gonzaga pedigree, is related to the de Medici chart, and shows close relationships between the Gonzagas, d'Estes, Habsburgs, di Savoias and other families.

Lady Caroline Ponsonby's pedigree. Wife of policitian William Lamb, she had a disastrous affair with Lord Byron (see Arts pedigrees) during her marriage. There are several biographies of this lady, who was closely related to the Spencers and other rich and important English families.


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