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Eissen, Peckelsheim and Grosseneder pedigrees

Here are a series of pdf pedigrees and descendancy charts. None will contain living people. This list will grow gradually.

Bernardus Conradus Mundus of Peckelsheim, showing his granddaughter's marriage to Jurgen Sievers. Bernard Mundus is my 7 x gt grandfather.

Joannes Jodocus Hummernbrum of Grosseneder, showing his granddaughter's marriage to Ludwig Sievers. Jodocus Hummernbrum is my 5 x gt grandfather.

Carl August Sievers pedigree (my gt gt grandfather)

Common surnames in Eissen include Rust, Engemann, Emmerig, Rosen, Scheiffers, Saken, Schaaf, Wieners and Geissen, which are present from the earliest parish registers to the 20th century. Other surnames were common at certain times, such as Sievers, Antenbrinck, Keck, Blomeken, Derenthal, Krawinkel, Vieth, Muller and Tonnies.

Jacob Rust descendants (his great grandson married one of Henricus Sievers' daughters)

Conrad Engemann descendants

Fridericus Georg Derenthal descendants. He was born in 1738 in Corbecke, to the east of Eissen and married into the Rust family, with many descendants.

Vincent Geissen descendants

Adam Schlotthagen (Schlotthane) descendants. This is a Peckelsheim family.

Joseph Sander's pedigree. He married Maria Michels. This family is mostly from Grosseneder, but connects with my earliest Hummernbrum relative, and the Emmerig family from Eissen.

Jodocus Emmerig descendants

Heinrich Sievers pedigree. Heinrich emigrated to the US in the late 1920s, and is descended from Carl August Sievers' brother Friedrich Wilhelm Sievers who stayed in Eissen.












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