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Australian relatives

All of my ancestors were from families which migrated to Australia on boats. Some came in the 19th century, and some in the 20th.

The Griffith family came from Jersey. Thomas George Griffith, son of Thomas James Griffith and Ann Rose was born in St Helier in 1945, and emigrated in 1849 with his parents on the Thomas Arbuthnot. Here is a descendancy chart of that family. Further information is also on the Jersey page.

The Belfords (Balfour/Balfourd) were from Ireland. My gt gt grandfather James Belford (brother of Robert Belford of Glenthorne near Taree), married Mary Anderson. Here are their descendants. More about the Belfords is on the Irish pedigrees page.

Robert Belford preceded the rest of the family, emigrating in 1838 on the Parland. He married twice, and had many descendants. He was a lay preacher in the Wesleyan Methodist church, known as "Bishop Belford", and a pioneer farmer in the Taree region along with the Trotter, Plummer and Muscio families. Three of Robert's children married into the Trotter family.



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