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Irish pedigrees

I will gradually load a number of pedigrees from the Irish sides of my family. This work is ongoing. Some of the details remain unverified due to loss of sources or insufficient data. If you have rigorous research which will add to my information, please contact me.

I do have a large amount of information about descendants and ancestors of these people. What is on this website is only a fraction of the available material.

Belford pedigree (Fermanagh, Inisclin). My Scottish ancestors from Perthshire are also on this pedigree. My direct ancestors were James Belford and Mary Anderson, not the later descendants shown here. If you have research which shows the origins of the earliest Belfords (Balfourd/Balfour) and Marshalls, I would be very interested to hear of it. Some of these Belfords migrated to NSW. Some Marshalls also emigrated, but I've yet to find them.

Belford descendants. The same family as above, but shown from the other end. Also see the Australian rels page.

William Belford's descendants. Son of James Balfour and Mary Marshall, and brother of my gt gt grandfather James Belford. Some of his progeny moved to Australia, these to Queensland.

Henry Lambert, M.P. for New Ross, Carnagh, Wexford, my gt gt gt grandfather. He married Catherine Talbot in 1835 and had several children. However my gt gt grandfather Henry Lambert (1805-1879) was his son by one "Mary Walsh", whom he never married. Henry's death certificate suggests he was born in 1815, but in fact we have found his baptismal record for 1805. We have also found that Mary Walsh was a pseudonym (for the sake of hushing things up thoroughly) for Margaret Louisa Gray (1791-1877). She was born in co. Offaly, Ireland to Owen Wynne Gray and Elizabeth Philpot. Margaret had four marriages after giving birth to Henry Lambert, and her husbands were: John Bredin (1770-1819); George Levinge (? - 1825) with whom she had a daughter Georgina, listed on the censuses from 1851 on as a "visitor" in the Lambert family; John Harley (1769  1834) and finally William Davies George (1810-1892) with whom she lived in London. The verification of Margaret Gray as the missing mother of Henry Lambert came about through a DNA connection with a descendant of John Harley and Margaret. Here is a list of Henry Lambert's descendants.

Mary Anne Lattin, daughter of George Lattin and Catherine O'Ferrall is my gt x 4 grandmother, and married Patrick Lambert of Wexford, (father of Henry Lambert) in 1781. Mary Anne was one of the last generations of Lattins of Morristown Lattin in co. Kildare, Ireland. I have gleaned a lot of information on the Lattin family from the Journals of the Kildare Archaeological Society, dating from c. 1900.

John Lattin (1598 - 1667) descendants for 5 generations.

Begnet Ball (c. 1623 - 1678) incomplete pedigree, showing her relationship to the early Mayors of Dublin, the Berminghams, the Barnewall family and the Luttrells. This connects with Mary Anne Lattin's pedigree.

McManaway of Castlerea, co. Roscommon, emigrated to New Zealand in the 1840s. Descendants of the earliest names I've found. Also related to McManaways in the USA and Australia, and the family still in Ireland. Would love to hear from the Irish McManaways particularly.

McManaways that emigrated to New Zealand, starting with my gt gt gt grandparents.


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