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Political Figures

Here are some pedigrees of major political figures from history

William Pitt the Younger pedigree Like his father, William Pitt was British Prime Minister

Sir Winston Churchill pedigree British Prime Minister from 1940 - 45 and 1951 - 55.

Alexander Douglas-Home English Prime Minister in the 1960s

David Cameron Current English Prime Minister

Thynne family pedigree. The Thynnes were Baronets of Bath, politicians and landowners for centuries. This pedigree shows their strong relationships to the Barings of Banking fame, the Byngs, Spencers, Moncreiffes, Hay-Drummonds and other well-known English families.

Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister from 2007-2010, and also his ancestor John Albert Rudd, taking the Rudd line further back

Not all trees are complete. Please use the zoom function on your Acrobat reader.

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